All committees meet as needed. Times, dates and meeting place set by the committee.

Public Awareness Committee

8 Member Committee. Mike Quasney, Chair; Arlene Ham-Burr, Bob Rick, Jill Swank, Chuck McLain, Debra Jensen, Gary Brown, Lisa Modrick

Created the construction survival guide and workbook to also serve as a template to assist any community interested In preservation of its economy through the promotion of a positive construction image during road construction projects.

The public awareness committee responsibilities also include keeping interested citizens and private and government leaders updated on new developments.

Wilson Park Project - Lights - Nutcracker - Parade of Lights

7 member committee. Rose Stewart, Jill Swank, Cheryl Ruggeri, Tanya Ruggeri, Mike Pelly, Debra Jensen, Lisa Modrick

Meets as needed. Work closely with City Council on getting Christmas lights in Wilson Park to coordinate with Nutcracker and Parade of Lights during the Holiday season. Perhaps tie in the winter ice rink with events during the Holiday.

Committee coordinates the purchase and painting of the wooden Nutcracker cutouts. Offering them for sale to businesses and residents along Mt. Rushmore Road to display during the Christmas Holiday season. Nutcracker sales should begin no later than October 15th each year. Committee members should hold first meeting around October 1st.

Flower Power Project

7-member year-round committee. Mike Pelly, Kathy Pelly, Vicki Bierman, Debra Jensen, Lisa Modrick

Committee meetings begin in early Spring. Responsibilities include encouraging beautification of the road way. Collect donation prizes for the winners each month.