Mt Rushmore Corridor Study

Mount Rushmore Road Corridor Development Plan

Click on image above to download a pdf version of the study or go to the City of Rapid City's Special Planning Studies web page regarding Mount Rushmore Road for more information.

Corridor Study:

The Mount Rushmore Road Group (MRRG) represents various business entrepreneurs on a busy commercial state highway – namely Mount Rushmore Road; plus many individuals from an adjoining residential area. These devoted citizens continue to meet monthly to plan events and projects to compliment this area and/or their businesses, plus discuss concerns of the immediate area. Mount Rushmore Road is not only a convenient corridor with ample and accommodating services: it is the gateway to America’s national treasure, Mount Rushmore National Monument.

The MRRG tracks and participates in the progress of the restoration of Mt. Rushmore Road with City and State Department of Transportation officials. Due to this positive ‘partnership’ and exchange of ideas, we believe our relationship with the City and State representatives has enhanced this beneficial project. Our collaboration has excelled to a (high) level, which compliments the partnership – valuable to the business community, local residents; as well as our City and State.

This major renovation of Mt. Rushmore Road has been long anticipated, as this main entrance/exit is one of the busiest state roads in Rapid City, with 30,000 vehicles traveling this road daily.

In reference to the renovation, MRRG’s current activities include tracking the City and State DOT changes to the original highway plan, including infrastructure, pedestrian and vehicular safety to meet expected traffic and development demands, including increased foot traffic and landscape improvements.

MRRG is concerned with the aesthetics, including ‘first impression’ from visitors, which are a considerable portion of the 30,000 vehicles that travel this road daily. This project will also keep Mount Rushmore Road a viable corridor and gateway to Mount Rushmore and the ‘southern hills’ area as well as a business and historical destination for residents and visitors that encourages a clean, safe and secure neighborhood.

The MRRG maintains communication with the South Dakota Department of Transportation regarding analysis of the road and future construction. Local and state meetings are well attended by our members, so as to keep abreast of changes with plans for the renovation of Mount Rushmore Road Corridor, funded by the DOT and City of Rapid City with construction scheduled to begin in 2014.

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